Do I need to worry about Log Cabin security?

Unfortunately, the rise in theft from gardens is remaining high so try not to become a victim. Quite often we under estimate the value of tools, garden furniture or bikes stored in garden buildings. The police have issued numerous warnings about keeping sheds and garden buildings locked.

There are a number of security kits on the market that range from simple padlock sets, to more complicated alarms and security lights.

Luckily, all of our log cabins are fitted with sturdy and secure mortise locks. These ensure that any valuables or office equipment within your log cabin will be protected. If you are going to store valuable equipment in your log cabin, it is a good idea to check that it’s covered with your home contents insurance.

Another good tip is to grow prickly plants like Firethorn or Blackthorn along the perimeter of your garden, under windows or around other vulnerable areas. Or adding gravel or pebbles to paths around your log cabin will produce an effective and noisy deterrent to thieves.