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  1. Has the Cold Taken Its Toll on Your Plants?

    Has the Cold Taken Its Toll on Your Plants?

    The recent cold weather has taken its toll on some plants. I was worried for my own fresh, young shoots of lupins but they seem to have come through unscathed. I have, however, spotted some phormiums and yuccas that have been knocked about a bit. Time for action.

    Lupins - Coming through the cold unscathed

    Seedlings are vulnerable and you may have noticed curled leaves, or even brown patches, on some leaves. I’m thinking of seedlings in greenhouses. This may be due to the cold or the combination of cold and damp. It may seem counterint

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  2. Six on Saturday - A Wintery Walk

    Six on Saturday Wintery Walk photos

    It's time for another Six on Saturday with gardening expert, Phil McCann. In this week's edition of the The Propagator’s, weekly meme, Phil shares a small update from his own garden as well as highlights from a wintery snowdrop walk at Easton Walled Gardens.

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  3. On the Wilt

    A long time ago a garden expert told me the answer to a gardening question he was commonly asked: ‘Why is my plant wilting?’

    This expert told me to always answer with another question: ‘Have you watered it enough?’ If the response was no, then the answer is that you need to water it. But if yes then the plant is overwatered and struggling. Easy. However, that isn’t always the correct advice.

    Aphids Causing WiltBugs both big and small can cause wilts. Bacteria and fungi love an insidious slurp at the sap. Aphids, as we all know, are happy to nibble fresh shoots and don’t even

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  4. Oh Rats!

    Oh Rats!

    All I was doing was having a five minute break with a lovely cuppa. ‘I know,’ I said to myself, ‘let's see if the birds are enjoying the birdfeed I put out for them this morning.’ I often chat to myself during the day - it’s when I start arguing with myself I need to worry. Especially if I lose.

    rat in the gardenAnyway, a little peek at the bird table and all was well. Sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds, a robin and a somewhat larger beast slumping about amongst the snowdrops beneath the bird table. ‘If it’s that pigeon,’ I actually said out loud, only to be stopped mid-sentence as a head appeared.

    Rat! A ra

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  5. Six on Saturday - Waiting for Spring

    Six on Saturday Waiting for Spring Photo Collection

    Phil McCann is back with another edition of The Propagator’s increasingly popular ‘Six on Saturday’ meme.

    What do you think of our resident gardening expert’s list this week? Oh, and be sure to visit The Propagator’s blog, visiting all the links on his recent posts.

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  6. Why I Love My Garden

    Why I Love My Garden

    Why do I love my garden?

    A passionate gardener finds joy in so many aspects of the garden. Our garden expert, Phil McCann, is feeling philosophical as he explores the reasons he loves his garden. Here are just a few.

    Phil's garden shed, log pile, garden spade

    Plants. Obviously. Compost heaps.

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  7. Six on Saturday - February Flowers

    Six on Saturday February Flowers

    Are you unsure of which plants you should be growing in your garden and greenhouse at this time of year? Perhaps you’re just looking for some inspiration? Either way, you’re in luck. Our expert Phil McCann has given us a sneak peek into his garden, sharing some fantastic snaps with his take on the popular meme ‘Six on Saturday’, hosted by fellow gardening blogger The Propagator .

    Why not visit his site and check out all the links in the comments section o

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  8. Rhododendron Nova Zembla Giveaway

    Rhododendron Nova Zembla Giveaway

    Give your 2018 garden a head start with our latest exciting giveaway which gives you the chance to win a stunning Rhododendron Nova Zembla (7.5 Ltr) from our new range!

    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this great prize is like our Facebook page then like & share our Rhododendron Nova Zembla post. Easy!

    Deadline for entry is Midday on Monday 12th February 2018. The winner will be announced on Monday 12th February 2018 after Middway. Terms and Conditions are available below.

    Visit our Facebook page here.

    Read about this gorgeous plants below

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  9. No Room? No Excuse!

    beautiful container garden

    We've all done it. We will all do it again. Buy a plant and then think about where to put it in the garden. Only to find the garden is full. No more spare soil. No space. Full. That’s it. What a waste of money. Well, all I say is, “Rubbish!” Containers are the answer.

    It’s a bold statement but one I am going to make anyway: everything will grow in a container.

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  10. Back to Front - a new trend

    Back to Front - a new trend

    I was staggered to read that the current interior trend is to stack your books with their spines to the wall.

    books back to frontback to front bookshelf interior design

    Yep, so you can’t see the titles. Apparently, it creates a calming atmosphere and the sculptural qualities of the books comes to the fore. It also negates the worry (worry? what worry?) of how to group yo

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