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  1. Meet John Harrison of the Allotment Garden

    Meet John Harrison of the Allotment Garden

    As we head closer to spring, thoughts turn to our Grow Your Own planning. What better place to do that growing than an allotment? All that dedicated space for your fruit and veg! With this in mind, we thought you'd love to meet John Harrison. He is the founder of the website Allotment Garden and author of accompanying books. He shares with us how he got started and some of his allotment growing advice.

    Why did you start 'Allotment Garden'?

    It started almost by accident! Back around 2003 I was working in web design and decided to put my gardening diary online and use the site as a test bed for developing software.

    How has Allotment Garden changed since it started?

    Well, people started visiting and following my diary. Then they started asking m

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  2. The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    New Year Resolutions ListNew year resolutions are busy being broken all around the country. I’ve done a quick roundup of friends (that didn’t take long); family (I’ll be honest, they weren’t playing); and the internet (a constant friend and part of the family) and found that, as I expected, losing weight, getting fit, saving cash and generally being really nice to everyone are top of the resolution charts.

    And so, in time honoured fashion, I will now publicly share my own resolutions. If any of you catch me breaking any of them you can shame me where you wish. I mean Facebook, Twitter and all that kind of stuff we do here. Equally, I will keep you

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  3. Naked in the Veg Plot

    Naked in the Veg Plot

    frog proposingI happened to hear a little bit of Desert Island Discs on the radio the other day and the castaway was Kelsey Grammer. No, not a school in a Scottish borders town but the actor who played Frasier Crane in Cheers, Frasier and, of course, the voice of Stinky Pete in the film Toy Story 2. As ever, the programme was entertaining. Especially when Kelsey started talking about how he proposed to his wife. Or to be exact, where.

    In his unmistakable tones, he divulged the fact he proposed to his then partner in their veg garden whilst naked.

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  4. Xylella - What You Need to Know

    Xylella - What You Need to Know

    I don’t want to be a Scrooge figure but just before you get stuck into the mince pies and sprouts, take a minute or two to think about your garden. Chances are you will need a plant or two to bulk up a border or redesign a bed in the coming year. But that’s where you need to sit back, take a breath and consider where the plants come from.

    Almond tree with xylella diseaseThe thing is there’s a new disease on the block and it causing British nursery folk sleepless nights. It’s a disease called xylella (pronounced zy-lell-a)

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  5. Specialist Shrubs Giveaway

    Specialist Shrubs Giveaway

    Give your 2018 garden a head start with our latest exciting giveaway which gives you the chance to win 3 stunning shrubs. The winner will receive a rhododendron, a camellia and an azalea - worth over £50 and sure to brighten up your garden in the new year.

    All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this great prize is like our Facebook page then like & share our Specialist Shrubs Giveaway post. Easy!

    Deadline for entry is midnight on Tuesday 19th December 2017. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 20th December 2017. Terms and Conditions are available below.

    Visit our Facebook page here.

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  6. Water, Water Everywhere...

    Water, Water Everywhere...

    Water, water everywhere… but none coming out of my hosepipe.

    OK, you’re tucked up cosy by the log burner eating mince pies but there are already reports that we are going to struggle for water this summer. And that means hosepipe bans for gardeners. Of course, it does. After all, we are bad people. Aren't we?

    inside a car washI was musing this after driving past a golf course and sitting in a car wash (in my car). Just how many gallons of water are used to keep the greens green and the car wash washing?  Well, let me tell you.

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  7. Mystic Phil Sees into the Future

    Mystic Phil Sees into the Future

    Cross my palm with silver and I will gaze into my crystals balls (oh stop it matron) and predict what will be happening in the future. Really, I will.

    And that’s because gardening is based on looking ahead, planning and predicting the future.

    digital greenhouse thermometerAll of this Mystic Phil stuff cropped up when I fitted a new thermostat to my greenhouse heater. I plugged it in and sat back. Then thought about it. I set the temperature for the heater to click into action at 2C. It’s all my plants need at the moment - a few spiky cacti that won’t take the frost and some s

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  8. Fake News! Read All About It!

    Fake News! Read All About It!

    Fake news is in the news again. Or is the news. Or isn’t. Oh, I don't know what to believe anymore. So-and-so is manipulating some other person's social media account; one country is being really naughty when it comes to hacking into other countries bits and bobs; and everyone is denying everything.

    So, in the spirit of topicality and sticking to the maxim, ‘if you can’t beat them there’s a good chance the eggs have gone off, I can exclusively reveal my own list of gardening fake news stories.

    fallen-ladderGardening is good for you. All that gree

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  9. Time Well Spent?

    Time Well Spent?

    I’ve found another survey to read. I do like a ‘on average’ type statistic, even though I know full well it probably isn’t backed by any scientific rigour or indeed, value. They are fun and somehow worm their way into becoming fact. Often quoted and usually referred to when supporting an argument.

    gardening statistics

    According to this particular survey I was reading, on average a gardener in the UK spends six and a half hours a year raking leaves. That same average gardener spends just over two days watering, solidly, for a year. He or she only spends half a day maintaining t

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  10. Quattro Stagioni

    Quattro Stagioni

    Yep, my garden at the moment could be described as that classic Italian pizza, the quattro stagioni.

    quattro-stagioni-pizzaThere are sections that represent each of the four seasons of the year. But obviously the patio isn’t fringed with a stuffed crust and no one sidles up to me, armed with a badly tuned guitar and a bucket of flaccid, imported flowers, suggesting a ‘rose for the lady’ or enquiring about my need for ‘black pepper?’ or ‘Parmesan?’ Well, not recently and definitely not whilst I’m turning the compost heap.

    A little like the quattro stagioni pizza’s

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