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  1. How to start a community garden with minimal space

    Reach out from the cosy confines of your own garden paradise and help to create a community garden. You'll be amazed at who it will attract.

    Community gardens are fantastic places to meet new people, to pass on skills, and improve your local area. Easy to set up, a community garden will benefit everyone in the local area.

    How to start a community garden

    You've got a plan, you're bursting with energy – and you have just seen a plot of land that is long neglected and perfect for your community garden project. Find out who owns it. With budget cuts, many councils are struggling to keep all areas up to scratch and a quick delve into the council directory may unearth a potential for you to help them out! Private land may require a bit more investigation but do it, the Internet makes it all easy, and get permission before embarking on your big adventure.

    Quick tips

    • Get permission before starting anything – land is owned by som
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  2. How your garden helps sell your house

    Why gardens can improve the value of a house

    A great looking garden can help sell your house. First impressions count for a lot and when selling your house that first glimpse of a manicured garden or otherwise can make all the difference.

    Imagine the horror of wading through invasive weeds, stepping around piles of rubbish and tripping over discarded shopping trolleys – so don't do it to a prospective buyer. A few simple guidelines will not only help sell your house but can also increase its value.

    How to boost home value by making changes to the garden

    Quick tips

    • Get everything clean and tidy. If nothing else then mow the lawn!
    • Welcome pots of colourful bedding make an instant impression.
    • Keep guarantees for all garden buildings and fences – they mean a lot to a prospective buyer.
    • Get your boundaries in order – replace rotten fencing or have a quick paint to refresh.
    • If any
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