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  1. 2017 Garden trends

    2017 Garden trends

    What have the blockbuster film La La Land, Donald Trump and The Pantone Color Institute got to do with plants? Well, they all influence trends – even in gardening. Yellow (that dress – so I'm told!), the gold of Trump Tower and green (Pantone 15-0343 to be precise) are all in.

    Looks like primroses are the plant of choice this spring then. Yellow is all over the place – daffodils, achillea and the

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  2. Tips for growing brassica (Including broccoli & cabbage)

    When thinking about growing food at home you need to decide what you'd like to eat what are the best all year round options. A good group of plants to consider are the Brassica (Brassicaceae) which include great staples like kale, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts.

    So what are the health benefits?

    All Brassica are naturally high in vitamin C and soluble dietary fibre, but each type is nutrient packed. This is the main reason why these plants are excellent ideal

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  3. Top tips for growing bulbs for next spring

    Planting bulbs is one of the easiest gardening tasks, yet it can result in some of the most effective displays in spring. All you need to do is select the right bulbs for you and there are many to choose from. These include favourites likeTulips and Daffodils as well as Hyacinths, Fritillarias and Crocus.

    When should you begin to plant your bulbs?

    • Spring flowering bulbs (Daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths) – plant ideally late September, but you can plant between October
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  4. Autumn gardening guide

    The crisp, cool mornings are starting to be a more common as we move through the second half of September, clearly Autumn is well-and-truly on the way.

    If you haven't already planted more hardy crops ready for harvest during Autumn, don't worry. If you have a greenhouse you will still be able to grow food during winter, with a bit of effort. If you're good you may even be able to grow peppers in your greenhouse up to December.

    In the garden dead head and clear up. Compost what

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  5. Green little fingers: Top tools for gardening with children

    Whilst it is great to teach children about the joys of gardening from a very young age, it must never be done at the expense of safety, which should always be regarded as paramount. Accidents happen fast and it's the adult's responsibility to prevent them. It is important that your child understands from a very young age that there are rules to be adhered to and that he/she knows certain garden tools and materials are not to be handled without supervision. Children should be taught that safety

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  6. Space saving ideas for small gardens

    So often people who live in ''smaller'' homes feel frustrated with the lack of garden space they have available. However, with proper planning this problem seems do disappear to a certain extent and what follows are some space saving techniques. If you have only a patio, balcony, porch or small garden area available, have a look at the following to help you achieve the best garden for you.

    Maximising available space

    Clever container gardening

    Decide what containers

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  7. The definitive guide to herb planting in winter

    Who can honestly say they don't enjoy traces of herbs to enhance the taste of their favourite food, summer or winter? Yes, most of us do. In harsh winter climates we need to understand how to ensure we do have our favourite herb ready for use during those lovely summer months. What follows here is a guide with suggestions helping us choose some of the herbs we like best, and where to plant and care for them.

    A good suggestion is to grow your winter herbs indoors, on the kitchen windowsill,

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  8. Growing fruit in the garden

    When it comes to growing a beautiful garden full of organic foods, many assume that you need a large space to grow a variety of fruits or vegetables. However, the fact of the matter is that even the most limited spaces offer plenty of options for those who possess a green thumb. If you fancy having your own selection of delectable strawberries, juicy watermelons, fresh squash, or even a few apple trees, there’s something to suit any size garden.

    Depending on what time of the year

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  9. DIY garden edging and borders

    For most people the garden is an extension of the home; a place where they can interact with nature, spending time and becoming familiar with elements of the outdoors. The beauty of the garden or of flowerbeds comes from the maintenance. Maintenance of the garden edges and the garden borders are very important. These are what create the boundaries between the lawns, paths, and various other landscaping features and the gardens. Though it is easiest to create the various types of garden edges during

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  10. Tips for growing food from seeds

    Growing food from planting seeds can be accomplished by anyone with a bit of patience. The benefits include a wide range of plant options to choose from, the opportunity to practice 100% organic gardening, saving money compared to buying grown plants, and experience the joy of the gardening process. 

    Growing your own food 

    1. Choosing the seeds for your garden

    The first consideration is choosing plant varieties that will thrive in your local environment, unless

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