Monthly Archives: February 2017

  1. Clocks Spring Forward

    Clocks Spring Forward

    TING (one hour is up)

    Clocks go forward

    It's that turning point of the year. The clocks spring forward and we all have an extra hour of light in the evening. Beautiful. A whole extra hour to do…what exactly?  60 whole minutes. Fingers at the ready because your one hour starts... wait for it... now!

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  2. Fruit & veg - 10 a day?

    Fruit & veg - 10 a day?

    I've just been reading about new research suggesting that instead of the 5-a-day guideline for fruit and veg, we should all up it to ten! Ten a day seems a lot. For a start, my fridge isn't big enough to take it all. I haven't got room for another fruit bowl. There is only one thing for it – grow more of my own.

    Grow your own


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  3. Fight back

    Fight back

    I really don't expect to be attacked in my own home - or anywhere really- but, to be honest, I feel as if I'm currently repelling an invasion by wildlife. And it really isn't pleasant.

    A few nights ago, I settled down to a bit of computer writing malarkey when I spotted the most distressing of sights. At first I thought it was the last remains of a muesli bar I'd tucked into as a late afternoon snack. After

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  4. Gardening hats

    Gardening hats

    I'm looking into hats. Not actually looking into them – that would be too strange and weirdly whiffy- nor am I a trainee millinerphile. It's just nowadays (and I know why!) my bonce gets cold when out in the garden. I need to get a hat and it has to be the right one.


    I have experimented with a couple of different types of hat. I did, for one weekend only

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