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  1. The meaning of plants

    Every plant has a story or meaning in my garden.

    Even gardening chores often remind me of places, friends, occasions and fond memories. I bet you are the same.

    There's a smashing little plant called Erigeron karvinskinaus or

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  2. Garden chores - What? Every day?

    Garden chores - What? Every day?

    Garden Chores

    I've been reading an article about some of the household jobs we are all supposed to complete every day, every week, every month and once a year. I get the whole 'feed the dishwasher every day' type of suggestion. I even, at a push, get the vacuum the mattress idea (to remove what exactly?). But wipe light bulbs? Come on. Light bulbs? Wipe? But it got me thinking about the same type

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