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  1. You are Not Alone

    You are Not Alone

    You are Not Alone

    Just when you think it is safe to walk around the garden, brew in hand to inspect and admire your efforts, you notice a gnarled shoot on your lupins. Suddenly your roses look sticky, holes are noticed in potato leaves and your lily buds are nibbled.

    Nature at its nastiest. Your garden may need a helping hand.

    pests on plants

    I fully understand the do nothing approach to pest and disease control. Leave well alone and eventually things will even out, a balance will occur and everything will live in peace and harmony. You’ll have to learn to put up with a bit of background damage but that’s OK. Your freshly dug and filled pond will attract in frogs that in turn will eat the slugs. Your compani

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  2. Feed Me! Feeding Your Plants

    Feed Me! Feeding Your Plants

    Feed me…

    ‘Feed me. Feed me. Feed me!
    Feed me, Seymour.
    Feed me all night long.
    "That's right, boy!"
    You can do it...
    Feed me, Seymour.
    Feed me all night long...
    'Cause if you feed me, Seymour,
    I can grow up, big and strong.’

    feed me

    Alan Menken and Howard A

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  3. A Scentsational Garden

    A Scentsational Garden

    A Scentsational Garden

    Plants that pack a perfume punch and other gardening whiffs. 

    Early summer is a scentsational time in the garden. My roses are out in full bloom and they are perfumed to perfection. And this year they do seem bigger and bolder than usual. Perhaps the weather has been kind. Or maybe the plants are getting established with roots deep into the soil and are repaying me for all that pruning and what-not. But the smell of roses in the still air isn’t the only whiff of delight at the moment. I’ve got my sweet peas doing their stuff too.
    Sown last autumn the plants are now around five feet tall and packed with bloom. You can also sow in spring for a later flowering period - just sow the things! They are easy if you can keep the slugs away from the tasty shoots and, once they are happy (mine are in containe

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  4. A Proud Parent

    A Proud Parent

    Parenting and gardening are similar.

    Your young charges can flourish and sometimes they flop. But we care and love them the same whatever happens.  Occasionally, often out of the blue, they make you proud. Really. They do. 

    I was doing my dad type duties and helping with our youngest's homework. Year 7 shouldn't be too taxing but I'll tell you what, those guys in school are working hard. I like the 'make a model of the Amazon' type stuff – real coffee beans glued into place got extra credits - and Tudor history is quite interesting.  My joke of finding ' x ' in his maths homework – 'there it is' and pointing at it – is wearing as thin as my hair.

    So when it came to biology, and in particular plant biology, I relaxed, settled down and waited to dispense my years of knowledge in his direction. I have to admit to having studied the scie

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