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  1. No Room? No Excuse!

    beautiful container garden

    We've all done it. We will all do it again. Buy a plant and then think about where to put it in the garden. Only to find the garden is full. No more spare soil. No space. Full. That’s it. What a waste of money. Well, all I say is, “Rubbish!” Containers are the answer.

    It’s a bold statement but one I am going to make anyway: everything will grow in a container.

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  2. Back to Front - a new trend

    Back to Front - a new trend

    I was staggered to read that the current interior trend is to stack your books with their spines to the wall.

    books back to frontback to front bookshelf interior design

    Yep, so you can’t see the titles. Apparently, it creates a calming atmosphere and the sculptural qualities of the books comes to the fore. It also negates the worry (worry? what worry?) of how to group yo

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  3. Meet John Harrison of the Allotment Garden

    Meet John Harrison of the Allotment Garden

    As we head closer to spring, thoughts turn to our Grow Your Own planning. What better place to do that growing than an allotment? All that dedicated space for your fruit and veg! With this in mind, we thought you'd love to meet John Harrison. He is the founder of the website Allotment Garden and author of accompanying books. He shares with us how he got started and some of his allotment growing advice.

    Why did you start 'Allotment Garden'?

    It started almost by accident! Back around 2003 I was working in web design and decided to put my gardening diary online and use the site as a test bed for developing software.

    How has Allotment Garden changed since it started?

    Well, people started visiting and following my diary. Then they started asking m

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  4. The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    New Year Resolutions ListNew year resolutions are busy being broken all around the country. I’ve done a quick roundup of friends (that didn’t take long); family (I’ll be honest, they weren’t playing); and the internet (a constant friend and part of the family) and found that, as I expected, losing weight, getting fit, saving cash and generally being really nice to everyone are top of the resolution charts.

    And so, in time honoured fashion, I will now publicly share my own resolutions. If any of you catch me breaking any of them you can shame me where you wish. I mean Facebook, Twitter and all that kind of stuff we do here. Equally, I will keep you

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