Monthly Archives: April 2018

  1. Once Every Three Days - Adventures in Pet-Sitting

    There’s a lot going on in the world and if we stop to think about it, chances are stress levels will rise. But mine are already beyond snapping point as I was recently given the biggest responsibility anyone can ever have - looking after the neighbour’s fish.

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  2. The Village Show - Judgement Day!

    The Village Show - Judgement Day!

    An old sketch of a judgeDaily Daff: ‘Village show in uproar as judge condemns biscuits to second place’

    All rise. The Court of the Village Show is now in session, the Honourable Judge McCann presiding.

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  3. Cats in the Garden - more grrr than purrr!

    Cats in the Garden - more grrr than purrr!

    I understand why some people like cats.

    Really, I do. All that companionship, stroking, purring stuff. But, as a gardener, I have to put my gardening gloved hand up and say, ‘No to cats.’  Here’s why.

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  4. Spring Gloves Giveaway

    Spring Gloves Giveaway

    It's GIVEAWAY TIME here at Great Little Garden! We are picking 10 lucky winners to win a pair of Essential gardening gloves each!

    To be in the chance of winning, simply post your spring picture in the comments below or tag us in a picture on your wall. We will then pick 10 lucky winners, easy!

    Deadline for entry is midday on Thursday 26th April 2018. The winner will

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  5. An Official Apology

    Bad Weather - Wet Field

    I need to apologise.

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  6. Quality Time with Children in the Garden

    Family Time in the GardenMost school children are off school for a week or two and your garden is waking up from its long, enforced cold slumbers. What a perfect opportunity to get into gardening.

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