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  1. Top 10 Hardy Annuals

    Top 10 Hardy Annuals

    In this Top Ten List, our garden expert - Phil McCann - has compiled his favourite Hardy Annuals.

    What is a hardy annual? An annual is a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seeds, within one year, and then dies. These tend to be your bedding plants. A hardy plant is one that will tolerate light frosts - so they are particularly good spring plants where we can still be caught out be the frosts.

    1. Poached egg plants

    (limanthes douglasii)

    Loved by the bess, the fattened flower heads are a soft buttery yellow and white. Simple to grow and a real boon in the wildlife garden.

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  2. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 - A Proper Chelsea Belter

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 - A Proper Chelsea Belter

    A Proper Chelsea Belter

    It was an honour and privilege to visit the RHS Chelsea Flower show on press day. It gave me a fantastic chance to get up close to the gardens and plants (and some celebs as well) and appreciate the excellence in horticulture everyone produced. And truly, it was excellent.

    white spacer

    RHS Chelsea Flower Show wildflowers

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  3. Showtime! The RHS Malvern Spring Festival

    Showtime! The RHS Malvern Spring Festival

    Showtime at Malvern Spring Festival and Some Top Gardening Tips from You

    RHS Malvern Spring Festival LogoI, or we, are recovering from the Malvern Spring Festival. This annual RHS Flower Show has it all: show gardens, stalls and stalls of great gardening products, delicious culinary delights, crafts, fabulous school gardens, competitions for you diehard gardeners, and lots more. This year there were even goats! Nestled in the sunshine under the Malvern Hills, it’s a beautiful place for garden aficionados – beginners and experts alike – to spend a day or two.

    So, of course, GLG couldn’t miss out. Some of our top products in hand

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  4. They're Back! And this time they're nesting.

    They're Back! And this time they're nesting.

    The blackbirds are back.

    And for avid readers of this blog, and I know that’s at least two of you, you will know this isn't the first time I have experienced these birds in my garden.

    Last year I had to deal with a young blackbird in the house. Scary, messy but I’ll be honest, I coped, sorted it and I now know they are grateful. They are back. And nesting.

    I was slumped in my favourite garden chair when I was buzzed by a blackbird. It screamed overhead and with an amazing dexterity, snuck into the top of my wood store next to the house. Now, the woodpile is low, it is after all spring, and is the perfect spot if you wanted to build a nest. Sheltered, shady, out of the way...

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