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  1. Watering in a Heatwave

    Watering in a Heatwave

    Watering Your Garden in a Heatwave

    It’s hot and getting hotter.

    Most people love this hot weather and revel at the thought of at least another fortnight of the stuff as ice cream sales, BBQ charcoal and Prosecco sales go through the roof. But, for me, the decline in slug activity is the main positive from this heatwave. Yep, always the gardener.

    Slugs and Watering:

    slug on lawnSlugs prefer a slightly cooler and damper environment. They quickly d

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  2. Live in the Moment, Not in the Screen

    Live in the Moment, Not in the Screen

    A lament to viewing the world through a camera phone

    using camera phone to take an image of a cityI was out at a pop type concert the other night. Unusual, I know, but my good-time mood turned dark once the singing started. The moment the act came on stage, the bloke in front of me sat bolt upright, got his phone out and started to record the whole thing. And light from a phone is bright. Concentrating on the artist was impossible as I couldn't help but think, ‘Zoom in now. Wide shot there – wider… wider… there. And focus.’

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  3. Phil's Garden Show Survival Guide

    Phil's Garden Show Survival Guide

    Phil’s Garden Show Survival Guide

    Buckle up - It’s Garden Show Time!

    We are slap bang in the middle of show season. Not village fete, crushed grass, homemade cakes and bunting type shows (they come later) but glitzy highly advertised shows such as Chelsea, Hampton Court, Gardeners’ World Live and Chatsworth. And Tatton. Something for everyone.

    But there’s also an underscore of equally entertaining shows, dripping in superb garden design and quality plants across the whole of the country. The ever so exciting inaugural show at Belvoir, classy Blenheim and suave Henley spring to mind. Add them all up and I reckon you could spend every minute of every weekend from now until the end of summer visiting a garden show. And that means tactics.

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