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  1. Weeds - Nature's Opportunists

    Weeds - Nature's Opportunists

    Weeds – Nature’s Opportunists

    Nature is a wonderful thing. Here we are, at the time of writing, and it’s baking hot, sunny every day and we are all flagging. Plants are getting droopy, hosepipe bans loom large and after-sun sales are out of this world. But some plants are loving it. Weeds.

    white clover lawn weedLawn weeds still seem to growing when all around them turn beige. But how come? All of the lawn, lovely grass or foe, receives the same pitiful amount of dew and zero rainfall. Yet weeds are green and the grass looks dead. It’s a case of survival vs opportunity. Dandelions have deep roots that go down a

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  2. The Birds and the Bees... in the Garden

    The Birds and the Bees... in the Garden

    The Birds and the Bees

    This is about the birds and the bees – the real birds and bees. The actual flying and buzzing kind. And more specifically the ones in my greenhouse. I haven't opened an aviary or apiary; it’s just the permanently open door of my greenhouse is too tempting for (in order of appearance and frequency):

    • Blackbirds
    • Bees
    • And a robin



    I reckon there is a recently fledged nest of these charming birds close to the greenhouse. Every time I walk up to the structure there is alarmed scuttling, scampering and scurrying of a wh

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  3. What Do Wasps Do? (other than ruin my shed!)

    What Do Wasps Do? (other than ruin my shed!)

    The warm weather has seemingly increased the number of wasps in my garden. At the moment, they aren't the ‘buzzing around your head when trying to dine al fresco’ type of wasp - oh no, these are much more industrial than antisocial.

    The current wasps are more ‘asking for permission to frack in your back garden’ than ‘a neighbour cooking sausages on an old barbecue to the disco beats of Boney M slap bang in the middle of a peaceful Sunday afternoon in what is turning out to be a scorcher of a summer’. These are serious.

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  4. CuCon18 - We're Talking Cucumbers and Plant Care in a Heatwave

    CuCon18 - We're Talking Cucumbers and Plant Care in a Heatwave

    These are testing times my gardening friends. We all endured the long dark winter and spring kind of fizzled out until, pow, we hurtled headlong straight into a proper grown up summer.

    Every morning for weeks we have had blue sky and ever strengthening sunshine. And it’s playing havoc with my greenhouse and veg.

    Each day I am plying my toms, cue and aubergines with gallons of water. The peppers need less as I’ve found they prefer to be grown on the drier side of moist. And that's a sentence you rarely read. I hope.

    But there are steps you can take to minimise the impact of a heatwave on plants.

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