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  1. Garden Show Exhibits – How can we encourage children to take part?

    Garden Show Exhibits – How can we encourage children to take part?

    Changing Trends at our Local Horticultural Garden Show

    I am privileged to be a member of our local horticultural society committee and the last meeting included a line on the agenda saying ‘review the autumn show.’ So, we did just that.

    It would be interesting to see how the following stark figures compare to your own show. At our autumn show, held on the day the Tour of Britain raced through the village, the actual numbers of exhibits were up but the number of exhibitors was down.

    Less people doing more.

    cupcakesWe had less people baking the cakes for refreshments but they took more money for the society.

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  2. How Not to be an Annoying Neighbour

    How Not to be an Annoying Neighbour

    Neighbours who get on your nerves

    A recent survey revealed (revealed!) we are all annoyed by our neighbours.

    The reasons are varied, but the most common is spending too much time in the garden and this constituting an invasion of privacy. And having thought about it, maybe this survey is right.

    ostrich looking over fenceGarden I-Spy

    I spend a lot of time in the garden and quite rightly, my neighbours pop out into theirs to potter. The problem is my garden is higher than next door so I naturally look down on their plot. I can’t help it. I might be there picking beans, cu

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  3. Goodbye, Summer; Hello, Autumn!

    Goodbye, Summer; Hello, Autumn!

    Our garden expert, Phil McCann, is feeling reflective as we begin the transition between the seasons. Here he explores how he feels as the seasons turn, what he will miss and what he is looking forward to. How are you feeling about the onset of autumn?

    Goodbye, Summer

    Sunflowers and sunshine in summerYep, summer was a fantastic one with ice cream sales going through the roof, watering cans becoming the must-have accessory and my aching joints eased by the warm temperatures.

    Hello, Autumn

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