Garden Adventures

  1. Six on Saturday - Struggles with Snow

    Six on Saturday Struggles with Snow plus hornbeams and hats

    Welcome back to another Six on Saturday with gardening expert, Phil McCann. This week's fascinating edition of the The Propagator’s weekly meme features struggles with snow, enormous pleached hornbeams and Phil's favourite hats! Don't forget to head over to our host's blo

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  2. The Rising Sap

    expectation and reality of this spring's cherry tree

    I’ve had enough of the cold, damp and grey skies.

    The snow was fun for about 2 minutes and then turned annoying. Sure, I understand the snowball fights, sledging and images of commuters skiing down the main road to get to work are so much fun, but it’s all stopping me from getting into the garden. And there’s lots to do. Bring on spring.

    To be precise, Met Office accurate, we are in spring. For simplicity, spring is made up of March, April and May. Summer: June, July and August. The next three months are au

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  3. Six on Saturday - A Wintery Walk

    Six on Saturday Wintery Walk photos

    It's time for another Six on Saturday with gardening expert, Phil McCann. In this week's edition of the The Propagator’s, weekly meme, Phil shares a small update from his own garden as well as highlights from a wintery snowdrop walk at Easton Walled Gardens.

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  4. Oh Rats!

    Oh Rats!

    All I was doing was having a five minute break with a lovely cuppa. ‘I know,’ I said to myself, ‘let's see if the birds are enjoying the birdfeed I put out for them this morning.’ I often chat to myself during the day - it’s when I start arguing with myself I need to worry. Especially if I lose.

    rat in the gardenAnyway, a little peek at the bird table and all was well. Sparrows, blue tits, blackbirds, a robin and a somewhat larger beast slumping about amongst the snowdrops beneath the bird table. ‘If it’s that pigeon,’ I actually said out loud, only to be stopped mid-sentence as a head appeared.

    Rat! A ra

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  5. Six on Saturday - Waiting for Spring

    Six on Saturday Waiting for Spring Photo Collection

    Phil McCann is back with another edition of The Propagator’s increasingly popular ‘Six on Saturday’ meme.

    What do you think of our resident gardening expert’s list this week? Oh, and be sure to visit The Propagator’s blog, visiting all the links on his recent posts.

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  6. Why I Love My Garden

    Why I Love My Garden

    Why do I love my garden?

    A passionate gardener finds joy in so many aspects of the garden. Our garden expert, Phil McCann, is feeling philosophical as he explores the reasons he loves his garden. Here are just a few.

    Phil's garden shed, log pile, garden spade

    Plants. Obviously. Compost heaps.

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  7. The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    The Best New Year Resolutions to Make

    New Year Resolutions ListNew year resolutions are busy being broken all around the country. I’ve done a quick roundup of friends (that didn’t take long); family (I’ll be honest, they weren’t playing); and the internet (a constant friend and part of the family) and found that, as I expected, losing weight, getting fit, saving cash and generally being really nice to everyone are top of the resolution charts.

    And so, in time honoured fashion, I will now publicly share my own resolutions. If any of you catch me breaking any of them you can shame me where you wish. I mean Facebook, Twitter and all that kind of stuff we do here. Equally, I will keep you

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  8. Naked in the Veg Plot

    Naked in the Veg Plot

    frog proposingI happened to hear a little bit of Desert Island Discs on the radio the other day and the castaway was Kelsey Grammer. No, not a school in a Scottish borders town but the actor who played Frasier Crane in Cheers, Frasier and, of course, the voice of Stinky Pete in the film Toy Story 2. As ever, the programme was entertaining. Especially when Kelsey started talking about how he proposed to his wife. Or to be exact, where.

    In his unmistakable tones, he divulged the fact he proposed to his then partner in their veg garden whilst naked.

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  9. Water, Water Everywhere...

    Water, Water Everywhere...

    Water, water everywhere… but none coming out of my hosepipe.

    OK, you’re tucked up cosy by the log burner eating mince pies but there are already reports that we are going to struggle for water this summer. And that means hosepipe bans for gardeners. Of course, it does. After all, we are bad people. Aren't we?

    inside a car washI was musing this after driving past a golf course and sitting in a car wash (in my car). Just how many gallons of water are used to keep the greens green and the car wash washing?  Well, let me tell you.

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  10. Mystic Phil Sees into the Future

    Mystic Phil Sees into the Future

    Cross my palm with silver and I will gaze into my crystals balls (oh stop it matron) and predict what will be happening in the future. Really, I will.

    And that’s because gardening is based on looking ahead, planning and predicting the future.

    digital greenhouse thermometerAll of this Mystic Phil stuff cropped up when I fitted a new thermostat to my greenhouse heater. I plugged it in and sat back. Then thought about it. I set the temperature for the heater to click into action at 2C. It’s all my plants need at the moment - a few spiky cacti that won’t take the frost and some s

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