Choosing the right trellis for your garden is vital. It's not just a plant support – selecting the design and material wisely will enhance your garden's look, provide a framework for climbers and privacy for you.

Opting for cheap, poor quality, or not fit for purpose designs can lead to snapped plants, lost crops and expensive damage.

So what are your choices?

First, look at the style of your garden. If it's traditional, go for classic designs in natural wood, such as diamond lattice patterns within a framework, or simple fans that will sit above pots along a wall.

If your look is contemporary or quirky, think clean lines, either in wood or metal. Make the trellis a real design feature by staining it a contrasting colour and repeating the pattern along a wall with minimal planting.

A vegetable or fruit plot needs to be practical. Choose heavy-duty trellis for tomatoes, runner beans, climbing courgettes and squashes – their weight

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