Garden Maintenance

  1. Feed Me! Feeding Your Plants

    Feed Me! Feeding Your Plants

    Feed me…

    ‘Feed me. Feed me. Feed me!
    Feed me, Seymour.
    Feed me all night long.
    "That's right, boy!"
    You can do it...
    Feed me, Seymour.
    Feed me all night long...
    'Cause if you feed me, Seymour,
    I can grow up, big and strong.’

    feed me

    Alan Menken and Howard A

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  2. Danger! Gardening Ahead

    Danger! Gardening Ahead

    The garden is a dangerous place.

    I know. I have been hurt. And at this time of year, when we all spring into action after a few months hibernating in front of the telly on our favourite fusty old chair, more of us will fall foul of pulls, strains, cuts and - not to be too dramatic - electrocution. I did warn you. Readers of a sensitive nature should look away now. 

    First of all, let’s get that old comedy standard 'rake in the face' out of the way. It does happen – I've been knocked on the side of the head by stepping on the head of rake. Easy done but thankfully no one was around to see it. Putting the rake away correctly is the answer – head up or definitely prongs away from where you walk. And don't leave them lying on the soil or lawn. Just don't.

    Compost is terrifying. The bagged stuff for your seedlings and pots, if picked up incorrectly, can cause pulled muscles. I haven't done it with compost but hav

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  3. Garden chores - What? Every day?

    Garden chores - What? Every day?

    Garden Chores

    I've been reading an article about some of the household jobs we are all supposed to complete every day, every week, every month and once a year. I get the whole 'feed the dishwasher every day' type of suggestion. I even, at a push, get the vacuum the mattress idea (to remove what exactly?). But wipe light bulbs? Come on. Light bulbs? Wipe? But it got me thinking about the same type of jobs in the garden. So, for the benefit of all gardeners needing guidance on what to do and how often in the garden you should do it, here we go:


    Do it daily

    • Make time to walk round your garden. Look at the plants and enjoy their development. You'll also spot any nasties getting a hold, giving you time to plan your defence.
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  4. Fight back

    Fight back

    I really don't expect to be attacked in my own home - or anywhere really- but, to be honest, I feel as if I'm currently repelling an invasion by wildlife. And it really isn't pleasant.

    A few nights ago, I settled down to a bit of computer writing malarkey when I spotted the most distressing of sights. At first I thought it was the last remains of a muesli bar I'd tucked into as a late afternoon snack. After all, a keyboard is a magnet for all food detritus. But, on closer inspection, the back end of what I thought was a shiny black seed was actually moving. I found a pen and started to poke and delve in between the B, N and H keys and managed to extricate the smallest of slugs. Dis-gust-ing. A slug in the keyboard. I obviously probed it a little bit with the nib, took a picture and then deposited it on the bird table outside. I hope it's joined the food chain.

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  5. Keep your garden looking good this summer

    The summer is a time of bloom: where everything grows a little bit bigger, a little bit faster. While careful planning in the spring can help prevent overgrowth and unsightly garden messes, many of us get a little too carried away in our springtime preparations for the summer. This isn't the end of the world, though. It's just a matter of doing a little bit of work now to ensure a garden is kept looking great throughout the season.

    Top garden maintenance tips

    Weed prevention

    Weeds have quite a bit of negative press. While they do make things very unsightly in for our gardens, they're just miss located plants at their heart. They're generally seen as invasive, though - something that gardeners want to eradicate from their soils. Unfortunately, the complete elimination of weeds is impossible and gardeners won't stop them popping up from time to time, there are ways to ensure there are fewer places for them to grow in the first place.

    The most common

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