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  1. How Not to be an Annoying Neighbour

    How Not to be an Annoying Neighbour

    Neighbours who get on your nerves

    A recent survey revealed (revealed!) we are all annoyed by our neighbours.

    The reasons are varied, but the most common is spending too much time in the garden and this constituting an invasion of privacy. And having thought about it, maybe this survey is right.

    ostrich looking over fenceGarden I-Spy

    I spend a lot of time in the garden and quite rightly, my neighbours pop out into theirs to potter. The problem is my garden is higher than next door so I naturally look down on their plot. I can’t help it. I might be there picking beans, cu

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  2. Quality Time with Children in the Garden

    Family Time in the GardenMost school children are off school for a week or two and your garden is waking up from its long, enforced cold slumbers. What a perfect opportunity to get into gardening.

    Child Watering in the GardenGardening is fantastic for children to get involved in.

    Think of all that exercise, f

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