2017 Garden trends

What have the blockbuster film La La Land, Donald Trump and The Pantone Color Institute got to do with plants? Well, they all influence trends – even in gardening. Yellow (that dress – so I'm told!), the gold of Trump Tower and green (Pantone 15-0343 to be precise) are all in.

Looks like primroses are the plant of choice this spring then. Yellow is all over the place – daffodils, achillea and the stunning foliage of Choisya Sundance will all be in high demand. And as for that gold – it's something you will either love or hate. A broom called Allgold would be a good bet to storm up the charts, and the mock orange with golden leaves, Philadelphus coronarius 'Aureus' is a sure-fire hit.

Yes, the Pantone colour of 2017 is officially 'Greenery' – and a stunning shade it is. Described as being fresh and 'zesty' it also, apparently, has attributes that 'signals consumers to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate.' Something we may all need to do after emerging out of the cinema, blinking pit-pony style into the sunlight, to catch up on the news.

So green is good. Plants have known this for a long time.

Outside influences may nudge us towards certain colours but, without doubt, the growing trend for 2017 is, yet again, growing your own food. Perhaps it has been downgraded to a trend-let, as we all have been talking about it for a few years now, but it still makes sense. Crafting meals from scratch is the way forward; growing as many of the ingredients in your own back (or front) garden is even better. Sugar laden ready meals can be a thing of the past if you grow a bit of the good stuff yourself. Think food metres rather than food miles. (I know I'm mixing my imperials and metric but it sounds better!)

You'll be glad to know that the pressure is off doing a Tom and Barbara and going all self-sufficient. Even allotments are being found out as being too hard work for time starved grow-abees. Start basic. Get a large container and grow just one thing. Anything. Grow it well. Harvest and eat. You'll never turn back. Can I suggest potatoes in a kit? Everything you need to start your veg journey in one package. It's brilliant and easy.

Dinner parties will never be the same: ‘Oh yeah, of course they're home grown. Everything is. Anyone fancy a nibble on my cherry toms?' Never the same again- I promise you.

Along with veg we'll see fruit making a resurgence. Again, you don't need a walled garden or an orchard the size of a small county to grow a few juicy razzers or crisp apples. Choose carefully and bingo – tasty fruit straight from your patio.

Without doubt 2017, just like every other year, will be turbulent. Things always happen. That’s where your 2017 blooms come into play. Go flower-tastic. Plant ebullient blooms in bold pinks, steamy reds and sultry oranges (peonies, crocosmia and geums are great).  Mix them and don't bother matching. Shove in a few veg amongst them and make the most of your plot, however large or small. Throw off the debilitating shackles of trends (sorry La La, Trump and Pantone) and do your own thing. Just make sure you can eat something you grow.


Color: the same as colour but I have to spell it like that to avoid litigation

Grow-abees: completely made up word; based on 'wannabee'

Razzer: or raspberry - I was rushed to meet a deadline

Trend-let: a little trend

Tom and Barbara: 1970's sitcom The Good Life based around self sufficiency (and Felicity Kendal…I was at a certain age)

Bingo: a numbers game but also an expression of 'ta dah'

Ta dah: see bingo; alternative to 'there you go'