Assessing Your Garden Post Summer

Take Stock of Your Garden Successes and Failures

I know that New Year is the traditional time to stop and re-evaluate everything in your life but I reckon now, as summer ends, is also an ideal time to stop all that weeding, watering and worrying so you can look at your garden and decide what to do better next year. After all, you don’t need to rely on your memory if all your faults and successes are there, straight in front of your eyes.

Here are my own garden assessments for this summer:

No more parsnips

Keen followers of these blogs know the injuries that I’ve sustained in growing some pretty impressive roots. I didn’t know anything about phyophotodermatis before this year. Now I am an expert. Or maybe it should be no more shorts? Lots of people tell me that.

No more pumpkins

I loved trying to grow a whopper but, you know what, I'm still sad about its demise. No explanation (I do blame the wasps) can ever help. I know it’s better to have grown than never grown before but at the moment, they’re not for me again. This may change.

Less lettuce

I like to fill gaps in the veg plot with lettuce. No one can ever eat that much lettuce. And seeing plants either rot or run to seed is such a waste. I need to control myself.

Space out

I’ve got to learn to space my dahlias out more. The thing is, they go in as small plants and at that time they look so frail and vulnerable that no gardener could ever imagine they will grow. But they always do. I know they do but still plant too close. Not next year.


I need to plant more spring flowering bulbs (mainly because in extending a path I destroyed a hundred or so daffodils- but shhh, don't tell anyone. I blamed it on that Beast from the East).


I am determined to make my lawn something to be proud of. I know they are bad for wildlife; I know they take up so much energy and time; I know people pour scorn on anyone who likes a lawn - but I don’t care. I want a lovely lawn. And this year’s weather didn't help my efforts.

4x2 Rattan Effect Plastic Patio Storage BoxCushion Storage

I need somewhere and something to store the garden furniture cushions. I have watched the weather intently to decide on whether to haul the whole lot indoors for a night or an afternoon if rain was forecast. OK, they have been out most of the summer but it would be so much better to store the lot in one big chest freezer style structure to use as and when required.

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8x6 Sherbourne Wooden GreenhouseAnother greenhouse?

Hmmm...but where? Maybe a full overhaul is required.


And that’s one of the many wonderful aspects to gardening. A garden never stands still. It’s always on the move and evolving. And will hopefully always keep me thinking...and evolving!

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