GLG's Emily with her daffodils‘I did that,’ gushed GLG’s very own Emily as she photographed the rewards of her hard work last autumn.

Beautiful daffs where daffs weren’t before. And those three words, ‘I did that’, surely express the joy and pure emotional connection we all have with gardening. From a lumpen dormant bulb burst forth glorious yellow blooms. Marvellous.


Phil's tiny seedlingsPhil's shallots sprouting#ididthat also refers to the thousands of seed trays currently holding the first specks of green life from earlier sowings. My own Erigeron seeds have germinated, just, but the miniscule dots are proof that gardening is still exciting. Even after many, many (and many) years of sowing, planting, digging, hoeing, weeding… nothing beats the thrill of seeing seedlings for the first time.


#ididthat are still the words of choice when seeing a tiny leaf emerge from a shallot bulb.

Phil's Pleached Hornbeams ready to plantThe heavy rootballs of Phil's hornbeams

#ididthat also refers to the overly heavy, and not surprisingly awkward pleached hornbeam trees I planted last week before the snow. Not that glamourous but hey, I did that. And I’m proud.


Phil's Fabulous Fritillaria

#ididthat can also apply to the sensational Fritillaria michailovskyi currently bringing a joyous look to one of my own pots in the garden. The battle with lily beetles will begin later this year but that’s weeks away yet. Same goes for all my pots crammed with bulbs. Or will do once it warms up a bit and the things are brave enough to flower.

Phil's heavy Yorkstone that the driver didn't liftPhi'ls garden dug out ready for the YorkstoneHowever, there is another hashtag lurking around:  #ididntdothat

#ididntdothat applies to the driver who delivered my newly acquired Yorkstone paving but didn’t manage to lift the pallet (1.5 tonnes I’m told) up the steps that could have saved me hours and hours of backbreaking lifting. I’m sure he is happy reading other #ididntdothat’s. I knew a note on the door asking wouldn't be good enough. A cup of tea and a Bourbon cream would surely have swung the deal?

#ididntdothat also came to mind again yesterday when I tripped over the greenhouse heater cable exiting the greenhouse, ripping out the socket and potentially electrocuting myself (quick look to see if the neighbours saw me.  #ididntdothat). Luckily the qualified electrician who fitted the power in the first place did everything right - RCD and all that stuff - so well done him (#ibookedhim).


Phil's Muddy Boots#ididntdothat surely applies to the clumps of dried soil I traipsed around the house the other week. I knew the soil outside was wet, I was digging in preparation for the stone I mentioned earlier, the call of nature came shouting. No time for de-booting. I’m at an age you know. ‘Who did that?’ was the question. It was either me or our 12 year old, who wasn’t there at the time of questioning and couldn’t therefore defend himself. He was technically playing outside and could have done it. Heh, heh heh. #ididthat as the soil dried and the dustpan and brush thrust into my hands.


So, with all this in mind, I checked trending #s. Obviously the snow was high on that list, someone who has swallowed a squeaky dog toy is up there as is a lot of Russian stuff. But what about #ididthat? Why don’t we all get together and get it top of the trending pops? Plus pix of your very own gardening #ididthat. Sounds like fun? #ididthat.

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