Autumn is now in full swing and you may be starting to wonder what tasks you need to get underway as we shift towards the colder winter months. So why not get your garden ready for autumn and winter with our top 5 favourite garden products to keep your garden in tip top condition.

Top products this season

Slot down composter

Slot down composter

With autumn fast approaching this Slot Down composter will be perfect for collecting those dead leaves or for your bio-degradable waste. Not only is it useful for tidying up your garden but it can also be an environmentally friendly addition, making use of all your natural waste.

This product is ideal for any garden, with the rustic nature of the sawn timber, allowing this slot down composter to blend into any garden landscape. Manufactured from Rough sawn carbon neutral timber and pressure treated for longer life, this composter is protected against rot and fungal decay for up to 15 years.

The slot down composter is 102cm x 120cm, this includes legs which can sink below ground level sitting comfortably in your garden. An added bonus is that this product is very easy to build with a simple ‘slot-down’ design with the side boards sliding into channels created within each of the four corner uprights.

1.2m easy access Sherwood log store

Easy access Sherwood log store

As the nights start to get colder, relaxing in front of the fireplace is a must for this time of the year. This log store is an ideal accompaniment to a chiminea or open fire, providing a perfect storage solution. The Easy Access Sherwood Log Store allows your logs to dry naturally and quickly through the ventilation of the unique slotted design. This enables drier wood to be used which increases the heat output and reduces tar levels.

Featuring a very useful flip top roof, access to your logs is made easier, allowing a greater capacity for storage. The roof protects the logs from all the elements, further ensuring they stay dry in the autumn weather.

This wooden log store comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee to ensure that this product is a long lasting item that will keep your logs dry for many years to come.

5x2 Alpine log store

Alpine log store

Alpine log store A stylish yet practical log store, this product is a striking and distinctive asset to any garden. Keeping your logs dry with style, this is the perfect way to store and display your fire logs within reach of your chiminea or log burner. A smart way to keep your wood dry, the Alpine log store protects your firewood against the elements and keeps your logs raised off the damp ground. The slatted bottom allows air circulation so the firewood can dry naturally and be more effective when burning.

This versatile feature has a triangular 45 x 45mm solid frame, giving durability and robustness to the structure with a planed frame all round, providing an aesthetic appeal. The 12mm shiplap style construction gives a stunning yet sturdy finish meaning this log store will be with you for many years to come.

6x4 Pressure treated shed with lean-to

Pressure treated shed with lean-to

6x4 Pressure Treated Shed with Lean-To Our 6x4 Pressure Treated Shed with Lean-To Store offers a sheltered external storage area which is great for storing logs or garden furniture in Autumn. With internal space providing storage for garden tools and equipment.

Manufactured to withstand harsher weather conditions, this shed has a sturdy pressure treated boarded floor and a weatherproof felted roof. The door has safe and secure hidden door hinges and can be secured with a hasp and staple latch. It is also braced with double “Z” framing which adds strength and can be hung on either side to suit. The window is made from unbreakable Polycarbonate, it lasts a lifetime without becoming yellow or brittle.

The 8mm thick overlap timber board construction allows water to run off and flexibility and movement within the timber. Thick roof battens aid in the strengthening of the shed, finishing off the shed with smooth timber barge boards and a decorative finial. This is a sturdy and solid shed which will be an addition in your garden for many years to come.

13x10 Ventoux 34mm Shingle roof log cabin

Ventoux 34mm shingle roof log cabin

13x10 Ventoux 34mm Shingle Roof Log Cabin This elegant Log Cabin can be used as a stylish garden office, a stunning garden room or just a cosy space to sit back, relax and watch the winter months pass by. Manufactured with the best Nordic Spruce timber, the interlocking 34mm wall logs provide a sturdy and strong construction, whereas protection from the harsher weather is provided by the wind-tight chalet connectors. This is a sturdy log cabin which is constructed from the best materials and will look stunning in any garden.

With two beautiful, large double glazed windows and double doors this log cabin receives plenty of natural light aiding in the gorgeous views of your garden at this time of the year. The shingle roof adds an outstanding touch whilst protecting the roof from the elements.