Research Shows... Rosemary is the Answer!

Research Shows...Rosemary is the Answer!

Doesn't your heart sink when you read or hear the words 'recent research shows that...'?

Usually it’s followed by an earth-shattering scientific finding that turns your world upside down (or not). We've recently had it with bacon, roast potatoes, sugary drinks (earth and enamel shattering in this case) and diesel cars. Then there’s the eternal question: red wine - good or bad? Well, the latest research especially caught my attention as it concerns a lovely plant – rosemary.

Research shows that rosemary can help students revising for exams to remember things.

And apparently, health food shops are stocking up on the stuff. But the research shows it is the whiff of the rosemary that makes the difference. You don't need pills or potions - you just need plants. Now, I know that the average GCSE student isn't going to break off studying quadratic equations to bung a few plants in well-drained soil situated in a sunny position. But whoever is enduring the tempers, flare ups, sulks and tears associated with summer exams can. Planting cannot be easier. Get your hands on a big plant and, well, plant it! Dig a hole, gently knock the plant from the pot firm it in, backfill with the soil and water well. Job done.

Or is it? The plant will grow, of course it will, and flower. But whilst your new plant is doing all of this your student is beavering away, scratching heads when confronted with Thomas Hardy and his Mayor of Casterbridge, Krebs Cycle or a tricky translation from Latin to Greek. You need to get the student to the rosemary or the rosemary to the student. Never fear as I have the answer. I know from experience that all students use their phones to research their college topics (and to take photographs of themselves with rabbit’s ears or a dog’s nose) So, harvest a stem of your rosemary - it won't mind the pruning and will quite happily re-grow - and cut into tiny pieces. Then, and this is the part I haven't really thought through, get the phone away from the student. Assuming you have done this, you then need to press the tiny pieces into the gap between the actual phone and the phone cover. Then, move away slowly. You don’t want to attract attention. The student will soon reach for their phone, tap away releasing the evocative aroma of rosemary. Bingo!

This will have one of two effects. It will make them remember lots of things and they will be an A* student. Everyone happy. Or the smell of fresh rosemary will prick a distant memory (there – the research is true!) and said student will hark back to the days of eating with the rest of the family and then charge down the stairs demanding roasted leg of lamb (vegetarian options are available). Once ensconced in their dining chair, they are ready for you to dispense your words of wisdom surrounding the works of Shakespeare, the biology of New Zealand flatworms or the erosion and deposition of limestone by rivers to a captive audience.

And to think, this unquenchable thirst for knowledge and happy family time all starts with a rosemary plant. Thank goodness for researchers.