Showtime! The RHS Malvern Spring Festival

Showtime at Malvern Spring Festival and Some Top Gardening Tips from You

RHS Malvern Spring Festival LogoI, or we, are recovering from the Malvern Spring Festival. This annual RHS Flower Show has it all: show gardens, stalls and stalls of great gardening products, delicious culinary delights, crafts, fabulous school gardens, competitions for you diehard gardeners, and lots more. This year there were even goats! Nestled in the sunshine under the Malvern Hills, it’s a beautiful place for garden aficionados – beginners and experts alike – to spend a day or two.

So, of course, GLG couldn’t miss out. Some of our top products in hand including lots of free seeds for aspiring little green fingers, we joined the rows of stalls. For four days we were inundated with friendly visitors to our stand asking their gardening questions, checking out and buying our fantastic gardening offers and generally having a right old horticultural chin wag. It was great fun and thanks so much to all of you who stopped by the stand.

We not only dispensed top class (if I do say so myself!) gardening advice but got lots of tips back. And that’s what GLG is all about - a thriving gardening community. So, I thought that I’d jot a few down for you now. I didn't get a chance to grab everyone’s names so if it's your tip let me know and I’ll give you the credit next time we meet up. If you don’t, I will obviously claim it all for myself. As usual.

Here goes:

Slug control:

Beer Traps for Slugs

Beer traps every time. Ron loved them, or his slugs did, and he reckoned he cleared his garden last year after burying yoghurt pots in the soil, filling with beer and letting the slugs die a happy death. One extra point, Ron: leave a centimetre of the yoghurt pot above soil level to help beetles miss the traps. Beetles are good and the slugs won't be bothered by a centimetre of plastic in their pursuit of a beery ending.



Jenny loves our Melcourt compost as it is consistent, doesn’t contain peat or green waste and helps her grow a fantastic garden. The whole green waste issue cropped up several times at the show and it appears we are all aware of its inherent problems. The main one being the number of lumps and bumps you have to riddle out of most composts before you can use them for sowing seeds. That’s not the case with Melcourt - everyone loved the fact we deliver straight to your door and at superb prices. You know what you need to do!

Friendly fungi:

Phil McCann explaining mycorrhizal fungi at the Malvern Spring Festival

I will never tire of talking about mycorrhizal fungi (Fact) because it really is the best thing for your plants (Fact) Everything, except brassicas, will benefit from a little dusting of the stuff before planting. You might get tired of hearing it but I will not stop. 



If you use a sunscreen with a coconut fragrance at a show in May at Malvern you will be approached by at least one, even two, people who will say the following - ‘you smell good enough to be licked.’ I’m only reporting what happened, not judging.

Marquee Pegs:

A marquee blown away and destroyed

They are never big enough for the job. Invest in whoppers to keep the marquee down. And for peace of mind, don’t consider simply propping fragile glass garden mirrors against the sides of a marquee in high winds without correct fixings. We wouldn't do that. Of course not.

Take a look at some of our photos of the flower show in the gallery below and then check out some our most popular products at the show: