Six on Saturday February Flowers

Are you unsure of which plants you should be growing in your garden and greenhouse at this time of year? Perhaps you’re just looking for some inspiration? Either way, you’re in luck. Our expert Phil McCann has given us a sneak peek into his garden, sharing some fantastic snaps with his take on the popular meme ‘Six on Saturday’, hosted by fellow gardening blogger The Propagator .

Why not visit his site and check out all the links in the comments section of the ‘Six on Saturday’ posts? You might even discover a new plant or two.

1. Primroses

Crammed into a pot and pumping our perfume near the front door. Gorgeous and uplifting.

Primroses in Phil's Garden

2. Cyclamen and snowdrops

The perfect late winter combo. Taken a year or two to establish but now running riot. Scented? If I could get down that low I’d never get back up.

Cyclamen and Snowdrops in Phil's Garden

3. Hellebore

Been flowering for weeks but even the old flower heads are beautiful. A real no-nonsense plant happy in the dappled shade under the ornamental cherries.

Hellebore in Phil's Garden

4. Potatoes quietly chitting 

Spuds quietly developing shoots in the relative warmth of the greenhouse. It’s frost free and light in there – perfect to get the spuds started.

Potatoes Chitting in Phil's Greenhouse

5. Auricula

Oh my goodness – I will never tire of looking at this auricula. In the greenhouse, frost free and more importantly protected from excessive moisture. Flowering on and off for months. Just beautiful.

Auricula in Phil's Greenhouse

6. Crocus

Bunged in a pot last autumn and forgotten about. But now in flower! Always cheery on cold winter days.

Crocus in Phil's Garden