Six on Saturday Struggles with Snow plus hornbeams and hats

Welcome back to another Six on Saturday with gardening expert, Phil McCann. This week's fascinating edition of the The Propagator’s weekly meme features struggles with snow, enormous pleached hornbeams and Phil's favourite hats! Don't forget to head over to our host's blogs; you'll find dozens of unique sixes and you might even discover a new plant or two!

1. Which hat to don today?

Spring is taking its sweet time to arrive; there is still a chill in the air! (Though not quite as bad as last week!).

I’m not convinced I can pull off the peaky blinders-esque flat cap but, in my garden, I can wear whatever I like!

Phil McCann's Gardening Hats

2. A Lovely Planted Container - last week and today!

I've said it before and I’ll say it again; anything can be a container. Buckets, watering cans, old baked bean tins, the list goes on.

Miraculously, this splendid container managed to survive last week’s snow!

Phil's containers with and without snow

3. Fritillaria - Another Survivor!

How gorgeous does this fritillaria look?

This tough little fella somehow bounced back after The Beast from the East 2.0’s attack.

Phil's Fritillaria

4. Shallots - progressing nicely

The shallot’s I planted out earlier this month are growing well; great to see them looking green and healthy.

Phil McCann's Shallots coming along nicely

5. Sandwich Box Seed Tray Covers!

Us gardeners have always been a resourceful bunch. Please excuse my atrocious handwriting (a sign of intelligence so I hear); the seeds are erigeronin.

Using Sandwich boxes as lids to protect Erigerion Seeds

6. Crikey!

Moving these was no easy task. These four massive pleached hornbeam trees were a struggle to move.

My top tip for this week is to never buy a house with a sloping garden or steps! My back is never going to forgive me for this punishment!

I’ll be forever grateful for the assistance of my two lovely neighbours who helped me transport these beasts.

Phil's Pleached Hornbeams ready to plant