Six on Saturday Waiting for Spring Photo Collection

Phil McCann is back with another edition of The Propagator’s increasingly popular ‘Six on Saturday’ meme.

What do you think of our resident gardening expert’s list this week? Oh, and be sure to visit The Propagator’s blog, visiting all the links on his recent posts.

1. Never Frozen in the Greenhouse

The reflection in the thermometer makes me feel proud; I dont' get out much and, if I do, I'm only going to the greenhouse and back.

reflection in a greenhouse thermometer

2. Daffodil Flower Buds Forming

The first sign of spring.

Daffodil buds forming

3. Only Wind Damage This Winter

I can't complain too much.

broken flower pots

4. Rosehips in the Frost 

Simply beautiful.

rosehips as we wait for spring

5. Frozen Bird Bath

In desperate need of sorting out, cleaning and fresh water.

A frozen bird bath

6. New Lupin Shoots

Promising a super summer. Fantastic.

Lupin Shoots as Spring Nears