They're Back! And this time they're nesting.

The blackbirds are back.

And for avid readers of this blog, and I know that’s at least two of you, you will know this isn't the first time I have experienced these birds in my garden.

Last year I had to deal with a young blackbird in the house. Scary, messy but I’ll be honest, I coped, sorted it and I now know they are grateful. They are back. And nesting.

I was slumped in my favourite garden chair when I was buzzed by a blackbird. It screamed overhead and with an amazing dexterity, snuck into the top of my wood store next to the house. Now, the woodpile is low, it is after all spring, and is the perfect spot if you wanted to build a nest. Sheltered, shady, out of the way...

A blackbird nest atop Phil's log pile

A close up of the blackbird nest in Phil's log storeHowever, a log pile nest does have three drawbacks:

♦ Cats could spot it and lie in wait (you know my views on cats and, even after reading your responses on Facebook, they haven't changed)

♦ If I want to get wood for the firepit to warm any friends who pop round for an evening of joviality, I will now have to go into the house, get the wood and wander back outside. Or wander in the dark to the top pile risking injury while dodging the raised beds and containers.

♦ It's near my outdoor tap. And, if we have any warm weather, I will have to go extremely close to the nest.

But I love the blackbirds. Their 100m dash across the lawn is funny. Their singing is uplifting and their general antics (other than the little ones pooping in the house) are all round entertaining. So, I don’t want to put them off.

Image showing how close the outdoor tap is to the log pile with the blackbird nestI need your help.

The question is: Will I put them off by using the tap that is 1 metre from the nest? I can use the water butt water but if it runs out what then? I do have another tap in the garage but that is a long way and will need extra hose pipe. I can pray for rain.

Dotted around this blog are a few photos to show you the state of the nest now and how close it is to the tap. I will obviously leave the wood where it is - that is now out of bounds until the new ones arrive. If they arrive. I haven't spotted any eggs yet.

Let me know. I’ve posted the same question on Facebook so respond there. Or here. I need to know quick!