What Do Wasps Do? (other than ruin my shed!)

The warm weather has seemingly increased the number of wasps in my garden. At the moment, they aren't the ‘buzzing around your head when trying to dine al fresco’ type of wasp - oh no, these are much more industrial than antisocial.

The current wasps are more ‘asking for permission to frack in your back garden’ than ‘a neighbour cooking sausages on an old barbecue to the disco beats of Boney M slap bang in the middle of a peaceful Sunday afternoon in what is turning out to be a scorcher of a summer’. These are serious.

wasp scraping shed door for nesting materialwasp damage to shed doorBusy Bees? Nope, it's Rasping Wasps!

My wasps, or the wasps in my garden, are busy scraping at the shed door. Hopefully not to get at my potentially prize-winning shallots gently drying and airing in boxes within the shed, but to take away material for their nests.

And they are making a right old mess. 



Wasp damage to door but not to side of shed

My Poor Door!

Lines of devastation now adorn the door. The wasps don't seem too bothered about the sides or even the front panel - it’s the door they like. I’ve even caught a few nibbling at the greenhouse. And that’s not good.

‘But how much damage can a little wasp cause?’’ you ask. Well, one might be tolerable and almost insignificant, but platoons of the things can, and are, wreaking havoc. It’s exacerbated by the fact I love my shed. 

A Shed Door Wasp Nest

The wasps are only doing what they feel is natural. They are scraping the wood fibres off the door, mixing it with their saliva, flying back to the nest-in-progress, wiping the gooey stuff into shape and letting it dry. And voila - an albeit beautiful structure housing thousands of wasps but all made out of my shed door. And that’s the key - my shed door.

What Do Wasps Do?

They aren’t bothering me, as such, but do buzz about a bit when I’m in and out of their buffet bar, and a quick covering of preservative (in autumn) will hopefully put them off coming back next year. But it does raise the serious question of ‘what do wasps do - other than ruin my shed and later in the year fly deliberately around my head when I’m eating BBQ food, in the garden?’

Keep Out sign on a shed

The Answer:

I phoned the Wasp Appreciation Society (I didn’t really; not even sure there is one!) for research and found that:

>They do pollinate flowers - obviously
>They do eat potentially bad bugs and feed them to developing wasp larvae (in nests built from my shed)
>They do provide food for bats
>They do not read my sign

Is that worth ruining my shed? Let me know what you think!


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