So it's Christmas and everyone forgets the garden. Well don't, there is too much to look at and enjoy.
Winter flowering prunus trees with their delicate pinky-white flowers all the way up the stems.

Mind you this month many trees are confused with the change from hot days to cooler wet days, then a touch of mild weather. Merry Christmas !

Handy Gardening Tips:

  • Water undercover plants sparingly
  • Add some colour to the front of the house with heathers, skimmias, Christmas roses or a fresh wreath
  • Cover anything that you do not want to become ‘weathered’
  • Be sure to maintain any drainage
  • Collect ornamental foliage for Christmas displays
  • Put up your Christmas decorations – so many external lights to choose from
  • Choose your Christmas tree early for the best selection


Handy tips for the Lawn

Snow? White Christmas – we wish? In December, continue to brush away the leaves and stay off the grass when it’s wet or frozen. That said, its also good to turf if conditions are mild. If you are turfing – use a roller and make sure you give the turf a heavy ‘whack’.

If it does snow, you will struggle to keep children / grand children off your lawns, however if you can – try to avoid clearing snow from lawns, it can damage them. Also, be aware…when the snow melts – it can cause floods or over water your lawn which can contaminate your lawn with unwanted foreign bodies or cause you to lose valuable soil.

 Plants at their best ... We recommend Sowing ... It's a great time to Harvest... It's a good time to Harvest...

Dutch Hyacinth
Christmas Rose
Oregon Grape


Spring Bulbs
Broccoli & Calabrese
Onions & Shallots
Salad Leaves

Brussels sprouts & Kale
Celeriac & Kohl Rabi
Salad Leaves
Turnips & Swedes