Great Little Garden Environmental Statement

Looking after wildlife and the environment

As gardeners ourselves, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment. Planting the right plants in the right places is essential for creating a gorgeous and beautiful garden but it can also prove beneficial to the environment. Wherever possible, details of the benefits to the environment and to wildlife is highlighted in plant and product descriptions. If, for example, bees like a certain flower we'll tell you so. We believe that it is vital to gardening in harmony with nature.

UK nurseries

All of the plants we offer are sourced from UK nurseries. This ensures we are not transporting bulky plants around the world causing high values of carbon usage. It also enables us to regularly check that the plants you receive are always of the best quality.  Each nursery is working towards reducing peat usage in line with government guidelines. Read more about our suppliers here.

Recyclable Packaging

The packaging we use to send out the plants contains as much recyclable material as possible. Plant pots can be reused and all the cardboard and paper used in ensuring the plant arrives in tip-top condition can be utilised in the compost heap. Even the bags that your plants are initially wrapped in, to contain stray compost, are made of corn starch and will decompose in the compost bin within six months.


We do offer chemicals as part of the range of plant care. We do this because many gardeners will not readily change their habits and do insist on particular products. Wherever possible, we offer alternatives that are more friendly to the environment. For example, slugs are a common problem so in addition to the popular pellet treatment, we offer four other means of deterring or eradicating the munching molluscs. Biological controls are a favourite at Great Little Garden. Ultimately, it is up to you, the gardener, to decide. We will however, always advise you on the best product for your particular circumstances.

FSC certified products 

At Great Little Garden we are continually striving to make all of our products better for you, your garden and the environment. At our warehouse in Worcester, all cardboard and paper waste is recycled or reused. We strive to only source products containing wood from companies that are FSC certified. We are continually working with suppliers to further improve our environmental credentials.

Here at Great Little Garden, we care about gardens and the environment. We will always consider the effects that potential products may have on the environment before offering them to other gardeners. If you feel we can improve in any way, then please get in touch. We are always happy to hear your suggestions. 

Check out our Packaging Story for more information on our packaging and how we're always trying to reduce our waste.