FAQs and glossary

Here at Great Little Garden we totally understand your frustration if, when reading plant descriptions and gardening advice you throw your hands up in the air and shout ‘what does that mean?' Yes, we know the world of horticulture has a language all of its own with complicated botanical plant names as long as your arm and descriptive terminology that means very little, if nothing to the average gardening enthusiast. 

With that in mind we've made it our mission to make gardening as easy as possible for you and with our extensive help and advice centre we've compiled all the knowledge we can squeeze out of our experts to provide you with all you need to be a complete whiz in the garden!

Check out our Glossary, FAQ's and Light Botany pages below to fill your head with all the gardening information you need...

Help and advice - glossary

Tired of not understanding plant labels and product descriptions? - We've put together this extensive list of all the frequent (and slightly rarer used) terms and gardening words to simplify your gardening experience.

Help and advice - FAQs

Got any questions for us? We've got our experts here to answer all your gardening questions whether it's why your shrubs aren't flowering or to identify a plant! We've put together all the most frequently asked questions all in one place.

Botany made easy

Botany is the 'scientific study of plant life' so we're going to get a little technical here but all in the name of giving you the best advice and plant knowlege. Our gardening expert Phil McCann is very passionate about all things gardening and he's put together some light bontany pieces for you. Put the kettle on, put your feet up and get cosy for a good read...