How to Chit and Plant Parsnip Seeds


How to Chit and Plant Parsnip Seeds

Love to grow your own veg? If you want to have a go at growing parsnips, Phil McCann is here to help you. Take a look at the video and Phil will give you all his top tips for growing parsnips..


Some vegetable seeds are notorious for slow germination in the soil. You have got to have the right conditions and you have got to have it nice and warm. You can actually steal a march on them a little bit by getting some of them, such as beetroot and parsnips in particular, started early by chitting them. Sandwich box and paper towels and water and you sow them instead leaving them inside in the house and they just start to grow. These are five days old and that - you can just see... I don’t know whether you can - that one is just beginning. The little roots are just beginning so that means in every one of these, the chemical reactions are happening and they are getting growing. Now, it is a relatively easy job of gently picking them out and placing them into your drill, relatively easy as they stick to your fingers.

There you go that is one, and you can space them nicely, that’s two. And you know that these are already beginning that process of growing, so you are going to do really well with them. Let’s have another one, three. Very quickly, I will do the whole row in a minute. Compost - I always like to cover them with multipurpose compost, that way the soil won’t cap over them, and you know exactly where to expect your seedlings to appear.