How to Deadhead Your Tulips and Daffodils

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How to Deadhead Your Tulips and Daffodils 

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us how to deadhead your tulips and daffodils. Take a look at the video to learn about Phil's technique and how to help your plants thrive..


Tulips and daffodils have been fantastic this year. It is probably the weather but they are now beginning to come to an end. This lot were superb but as you can see the flower is dying off. Couple of dos and don’ts... Don’t chop off all the leaves because they are looking a bit scraggy because then you won’t get any flowers next year. Do leave the leaves where they are and nip off the dying, dead flower heads. That way the plant isn’t putting energy into seed production which takes a lot out of the plant. Instead it is pumping everything down into the bulb to produce next year’s flower. Brilliant.