How to Deter Pests from Bulbs in Pots


How to Deter Pests from Bulbs in Pots

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us a simple way to keep pests such as squirrels and cats away from bulbs planted in pots.Take a look at the video to learn about Phil’s technique.


When you're planting bulbs, make sure that you plant them deep enough. As a general rule of thumb, if that is say three centimetres from top to toe then plant it nine centimetres deep, three times the height. In you go. Make a hole. It feels deep but honestly it isn’t. Just push him in, compost over - job's a gooden. Or is it?

Squirrels love them, especially in little containers like this. They come along and burrow around, nick your bulbs and take them somewhere else. So, what you need to do is you need to get some wire wool pan cleaners. Use them to death - there is no more soap in there - and rinse them out one more time. And we end up with something like this.

Split it up and then, just under the surface, just push it under like that all over the pot. The bulbs will grow quite happily threw it but when the squirrel comes along it will just irritate the paws a bit and it will go somewhere else.