How to Grow Your Own Carrots


How to Grow Your Own Carrots

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us his preferred techniques when growing your carrots. Take a look at the video to find out more.



Growing your own vegetables is great fun and can be easy. Carrots are a great place to start. Just make a drill or a row in the soil and get rid of any of the big stones. Then, carrot seed. It's tiny, but you do need to sow it really thinly for two reasons: you don’t want to waste any of the seed and secondly if it is too thick you will have to pick some of the seedlings out and later on in the year that will attract carrot fly. So, do it thinly in the first place then you’re not wasting anything or causing trouble. So, small handful, little pinch and just drop them in. I still do it too thickly and I have been doing this for years but all the way along. And don’t sow them massive amounts at once. Do them every fortnight and then you’re going to get a succession - don’t want to waste those - a succession of crops.

Then my big tip - I always do this with seeds like this - get some really crumbly, friable compost. There is no peat in here, there is no green waste in here - it is good stuff. And then I cover the seeds with that, crumble it on like that. And that does two things, firstly it marks the row it is quite obvious where your seedlings are, or your seeds are. And secondly, it won’t cap over like soil can in the rain, and so the seedlings will come straight through for a great start in life.