How to Pot On Your Plug Plants


How to Pot On Your Plug Plants

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us how to pot on your plug plants. Take a look at the video to learn about Phil's potting on technique.


I know it looks drastic, but I like to give plug plants a proper good watering before I pot them up. I think there is one more left in there, yes. So, there we go. That is a plug plant, a plug of soil, little plants in the middle and away it grows. And you can see that the roots really develop nicely, and they do. They are desperate actually to get into a new pot. So, a pot from last year cleaned out, quality compost no lumps and bumps in there, firm down and make a hole in the middle the right size.

But before you pop it in, and I know I go on about this, everybody tells me anyway, but it's great stuff -  friendly fungi. A little sprinkle on there, has to be in direct contact with the roots, pop that in. And what the fungus does is provide a secondary root system almost, so you’re going to get more water in there you’re going to get more nourishment in there. That plant is going to race away.

They might need another potting up or into a final container in a couple of weeks’ time. But that is one happy, potted up plug plant.