How to Prick Out Your Seedlings

The sun is coming out - time to get in the garden


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How to Prick Out Your Seedlings

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, gives us some great advice on pricking out your seedlings. Take a look at the video to see how you can use his technique.


There comes a time in a seedling's life where it needs to be separated from its pals. That lot have all grown and they are beginning to crowd each other out. So, pricking out it is called. Just get them all - you have got to be gentle. Look at the roots on those. So, now what you need to do is ease them apart, and look at him he is a beauty. He is going to turn into a superb sweet pea. Trying to hold the leaves and not the stems as the stems are very tender. Pop him in, put a bit of compost round and give it a little tap, tap at the sides, tap at the bottom - ready to be growing on.