How to Sow Beetroot Seeds


How to Sow Beetroot Seeds 

Phil is showing us how to sow one of the most popular vegetable seeds - beetroot - to help you get started with your own vegetable garden. Take a look at the video to learn about Phil’s seed sowing technique.


Beetroot is the most popular vegetable that people grow, and it is easy to grow. But if you sow the seeds directly into cold soil, it can sit there sulking, It can even succumb to fungal diseases. So, get a head start by first of all getting a pinch of the seed and swirling it round in water; that way you are softening the seed and you’re also washing off naturally occurring chemical inhibitor. It is what the rain does naturally but you are doing it quicker. Then have a fish about and get each little seed and sow it indoors onto paper towel that is wet - not too wet, just damp - into any old container that you have got.

I have had to have a lot of flapjack bites to get this to do this, and sow those on to there. You can get probably about fifty in there and that is going to see you through the season. Close it up on a window sill, in a greenhouse or something like that, three days that is all it will take. And you will see a tiny little root start to come out, get your tweezers lift those and put them outside into the soil and they will grow away like nobody’s business.