How to Sow Cabbage Seeds in Egg Shells

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 How to Sow Cabbage Seeds in Egg Shells

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us a little gardening hack - how to sow cabbage seeds in egg shells. This great idea will ensure you give your cabbages the best start as well as deterring slugs and pests.  Take a look at the video to learn about Phil’s seed sowing technique.


It still amazes me after decades of growing veg, that those big bold, beautiful brassicas - or the cauliflowers, broccoli and all that lot - come from tiny little seeds like that. It is stunning, isn’t it? And to get them off to a flying start what I often do is save some egg shells, wash them out, fill them with compost and firm it down. And just sow one seed in each one half of an egg shell, put that on there and push it down. Do that with all of them and then, when those little seedlings grow into a size that you can plant out, what you do is plant the whole lot out. But as you’re doing it - I’ll show you this at another time when they have grown up - you just crush it gently and the roots then get through all the little gaps, the shell rots down and provides a little bit of fertiliser. And also, because it is quite spiky it can deter slugs and snails. Now, that is a clever little tip.