How to Sow Cucumber Seeds


How to Sow Cucumber Seeds

Ever struggled when sowing cucumber seeds? Phil McCann is here to help you get started with your own vegetable garden. Take a look at the video to learn about Phil’s seed sowing technique.


Cucumbers, gherkins, courgettes and pumpkins are all the same family and all have the same type of seed. And there is a definite flat side to it, each seed, and definite edges. Now if you sow the seed on its flat, on the flat side you run the risk that water - when you water it - will run down, sit on that seed and it can rot it. So, for the sake of a little bit of effort you will get the best out of your seed by sowing them on the edge. So, edge down and cover over with compost. I’ll do another one... so edge down and then cover with compost.

Then the water will just drain around the seed and not sit on it and rot it. So, let’s do one more... on its edge, cover it over and I'm not going to waste any of those because they cost a few pence each. Then with cucumbers and all the rest of the cucurbits, pop them into a heater propagator and get the lid on. They like it nice and warm to get them started. Within ten days, they will be up and running and then you can either grow them onto maturity outside if it is an outside variety or get them in the greenhouse and really get a good crop out of everything you grow.