How to Sow Runner Bean Seeds


How to Sow Runner Bean Seeds

Phil McCann, our gardening expert, shows us how to sow runner bean seeds to help you get started with your own vegetable garden. Take a look at the video to learn about Phil’s seed sowing technique.


A great way to get your runner beans off to an absolute flying start is to pop them into cells or individual pots, inside on a window sill or in a cold greenhouse.

Instead of putting the seeds slap bang in the middle one in each one, what I like to do is to put them against the sides and just push them in and cover them over, push them in and cover them over. And what happens is slightly more heat - only a little bit but it might just be enough to get those seeds off quickly. Also, when the roots start to grow they hit the side of the pot or the cell and it splits, the root splits so you get a stronger root system. So, when you come to plant the seedlings out, they get off to a flying start.