Old Seeds - Can They Be Used?


Old Seeds - Can They Be Used? - Phil McCann, our gardening expert, is looking at whether we can use old seeds, even ones which may be past their sowing date. It's a case of give it a go and see what happens. Take a look at the video to hear about Phil's last attempt and what he achieved.


I am often asked, 'Can you use seeds that have gone out of their sowing date?' Well, it’s a case of sow them and see, I think. What I did one year, I mixed all the bits and pieces I had. So that’s a mix anyway, with old packets, mixing up veg and flowers, carrots. So, these are sort of half packets that you have used lots of them but got some left. Carrots? Get them in. Got some flowers in here as well and beans... and get them all mixed up together. Yes, so that was two years ago. You hang on to them, don’t you?

Get them all mixed up and then if you sow that lot into any bare patch of soil you have got or into a container or something, I bet - as long as they aren’t sort of 20 years old, just a few years old - something will grow and it is a great surprise. And you think that if you have got vegetables in there with your flowers it will look fantastic. The growth of carrots, the beetroot with their blood red leaves along with some flowers and maybe some peas and beans and a sunflower may grow. Who knows? It is a real pick and mix and I guarantee something will grow out of that lot.