How to be a Great Little Gardener Episode 5: Soil Acidity


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So, now - after Episode 3 - you know that you’ve got sandy, loamy or clay soil. The last thing about soil - and I promise it will be the last - is the Ph value. All that is, is how acidic or alkaline your soil is and that is important because, before you spend money on a plant, you need to know the pH of the soil. Because if you get the wrong plant in your soil it won’t thrive. 

On our website it always says pH requirements for plants and it will have acidic, neutral or alkaline or any (as some plants don’t mind at all). But an easy check for Ph is a little testing kit like this. Read all the instructions and get yourself your garden soil sample and just, making a mess on the patio, get rid of all the big bits but fill it.

See that there. So, you have got the chemical that is already in there (the powder). Fill it with soil and then you are adding water. It does say to use tap water. I don’t. I use water butt water, because then you aren’t testing the acidity of your tap water. There was some in here before, oh there you go. Fill it up and put the stopper on, give it a shake, a muddy mess and then you wait. You could wait two minutes, maybe three actually looking at that, three minutes and that will all settle out and a colour in the solution will appear. Then you match that up with the chart on the back and you will see whether you have got neutral, acidic or alkaline soil. Then you are off and away to getting your plants sorted.

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