How to be a Great Little Gardener Episode 6: How to Plant in Soil


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In this episode, garden expert Phil McCann shares his top tips for planting in the soil as he plants his own new hydrangea.

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Once you have found a plant that you like and that suits your conditions - I have got Hydrangeas and I can’t get enough Hydrangeas in my life. It is an absolute beauty - it needs planting and it's really easy.

Water the plant or the shrub about an hour before you get to plant it. Then dig a hole about, that’s a bit deep actually, about the same size of the pot and just chop up the bottom of it so that there are no big lumps in it and keep checking before you take the pot out. That’s perfect.

Then, support the plant with the palm of your hand like that. Lovely roots on there. It is all compact because you have watered it. Then a little sprinkle of mycorrhizal fungi. Now I know I go on about this - it’s a great story and you will find it elsewhere - just trust me that will get the shrub off to a perfect start.

Then, place it in and I am not sure if you can see that, but that is at the same level as it was growing in the pot and that is important because you don’t want any rotting going on. Then it really is a simple case of breaking up any of the big bits of soil there and backfilling it and firming it round as you go. Don’t just wait till the end because you don’t want air pockets in there. Keep filling it round, getting your knuckles in. Oh, he is lovely and just give it a bit of a scratch around. With the bigger plants you can get the heel of your boot in there and that will really firm it in.

And that won’t need anything doing to it, other than a water to get it established, forever really and it will just carry on growing. But you don’t need a garden to grow plants because you can grow plants in containers. (see episode 8)

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