How to Build a Shed

Advice for building a garden shed

Putting up a garden shed is quite simple and all you need is the most basic DIY skills and at least one other person to help you. We suggest getting friends over and having a shed-building party.

If you need a project or would like to secure your gardening tools, building a shed yourself can be extremely rewarding – not to mention good fun. The choice of makes and models of sheds are quite diverse, think about what you need the shed for before buying.

Approx. 3 hours to complete

Step-by-step instructions for building your shed

Firstly, you will need a hard-standing,be that solid concrete, flat paving slabs or even a plastic or wooden base kit.

Building the shell walls:

  1. Always check the manufacturers instructions
  2. Layout all the part around where you plan to build the shed
  3. First attach the doors to the appropriate wall, as it's laid on the ground
  4. Place the floor onto the prepared hard-standing
  5. Drill the required pilot holes to the side of the frames at the top middle and bottom of each corner
  6. Stand the back-end up and ask a friend to raise a side panel into position. Then attach the top panels together using screws and the pre-drilled pilot holes
  7. Then repeat this process until all four sides are in position and the shell is free standing
  8. Next drill holes through the bottom of the shell and the wooden base. Make sure you drill into the runners underneath and attach using the supplied screws

Building the roof of your shed:

  1. Take the long battens and attach these to the roof panels with evenly spaced nails
  2. Place one at the edge of the roof panel and the other slightly set-back from the edge by 2-4 cm (see instructions)
  3. Repeat for the second roof panel
  4. Take the two (or more depending on the size of shed) shorter battens and fix the z-brackets to the ends
  5. Attach these to the top of the shed shell between the gable ends, roughly half way between the ridge andeves
  6. Next attach the two roof panels, one at a time
  7. Slot the set-back batten into the notches of the gable-end

Waterproofing your shed roof:

  1. Next, you will need to cut to length three sections of felt
  2. Attach the first two sections onto the roof panels and secure them with tacks
  3. Then place the third section over the top of the roof, between the roof panels
  4. Nail on the barge boards to the front and rear of the shed and trim any excess felt
  5. Then install windows as detailed in your instructions