How to Install Decking Boards

Garden decking can either be installed on to a hard porous standing (to allow drainage) or directly on to the earth. If building on to the ground, make sure the area is flat and always lay weed membrane.

Building a bearer base:

Either use a deck bearer kit or build the base yourself from pre-cut bearer planks / joists. You can use the dimensions of the decking boards as a guide for how cut the bearer joists.

  1. Position the two bearers at the outer edge of the decking area
  2. Attach the two side joists along the other sides of the decking area
  3. Screw the remaining joists to the outer bearers – using a spirit level to ensure the structure is level

Installing the decking boards:

  1. Place the first decking board flush with one edge and then fix this to the base
  2. Using spacers, place the another deck board next to the one you just attached and screw this to the joists
  3. Repeat this process until the area is covered
  4. Attach flashing boards to the outer edges to hide the bearer base