Advice for Installing Decking Tiles


Relatively small and lightweight deck tiles are fast and simple to install and are ideal for your roof garden. The system is suited for novices who want a good looking effortless option.

Decking tiles feature an integral framework which enables them to be laid directly onto grass and concrete. The free floating panels are compatible with a subframe or even deck bearers.

Building deck bearer:

Either use a deck bearer kit or build a base yourself. You need to pre-cut all bearer planks using the dimensions of  decking tiles as a guide.

  1. Position two bearers at opposite edges of your decking area
  2. Attach the two side joists along the two other sides
  3. Fix the remaining joists and use a spirit level to keep it level and flat

Laying the decking tiles:

  1. Put the first decking tile flush with an edge and attach adjacent tiles until the base is covered
  2. Fix the tiles to the base with screws
  3. Next, attach boards to the outer most edges to conceal the base