How to Build Fencing

Building a new fence

There are so many styles of wooden fencing to choose from, ranging from a standard panel design to palisade or even trellis style fencing. Despite this, building a fence is a fairly straight forward process requiring basic DIY skills.

 Approx. 3 - 8 hours to complete, depending on the size of the fence


Installing fence post into soil:

  1. Dig a 600 mm deep and 300 mm wide hole (the depth should allow a quarter of the fence post to be below ground)
  2. Fill the hole with hardcore / gravel up to 25 mm from the bottom
  3. Next, put the fence post into the hole and very gradually fill the hole with dry cement and compact this down using a piece of timber
  4. Use a spirit level to check that the fence post is straight
  5. Once the hole has been filled with cement 25 mm from the very top, pour in water
  6. Next use wooden battens to secure the fence post in place
  7. Once hardened and secure, remove the battens and cover the remainder of the hole with soil

Using a string line attached to this post and mark out the line of the fence. Then stake the string line at the position you'd like the fencing to stop.


Installing fence panels:

  1. Use a panel board to measure the distance to the next fence post
  2. Dig another hole and install a fence post as before
  3. Repeat this process up to the point where you'd like to the fencing to finish
  4. Between the first two fence posts,screw in L-brackets at the bottom
  5. Take a base gravel board and attach to the L-brackets, use a spirit level to keep the board straight
  6. Then screw in the U-brackets 100 to 150mm from the top of the fence posts and above the gravel board
  7. Next, pass the panel board through U-brackets and secure with screws
  8. Repeat this process until you have finished building your new fence line