Great Little Garden | Plant Guarantee

Working closely with some of the best nurseries in the UK, we are justifiably proud of the quality of all our plants. We therefore have no hesitation in backing every hardy plant with a lifetime guarantee. Plants covered by the lifetime guarantee are shrubs, trees and any other plant labelled as 'hardy'. If looked after correctly, they will naturally last a lifetime. We are confident in saying this because we know that our plants are the best you can start off with. Your part of the bargain is that you look after them!


We care about everything we offer and provide as much growing information as possible for each plant. Plus, all our plants are dispatched from the nurseries with care labels. We'll let you know the best soil conditions and aspect for each plant. Aftercare for many of our plants is pretty easy – use mycorrhizal fungi at planting time for a better establishment and keep well-watered to get things settled in. We also have our ever-expanding Q&A section addressing a variety of problems and we are always here to answer your own gardening queries. 

But if a plant does start to go wrong and you feel you have done everything you can to look after it, then please let us know. Ideally, take photographs and send them to us -  along with details of when you bought the plant - as soon as things look awry. It could be a problem we can identify and help you put right before consigning your plant to the compost bin. If nothing can be done and you're sure that you have looked after your hardy plant as recommended, then of course we will replace it. 

Plants such as annual plants have a life-cycle that only lasts a year at most. We cannot give a lifetime guarantee on such plants (we are talking bedding plants here) but we will always offer our gardening knowledge for you to get the most from them. The same applies to biennials (life-cycle of two years) and plants classified as tender, indoor or seasonal.

If you are in any doubt about whether a plant is suited to your garden, then simply get in touch. We are always happy to talk gardening and plants to anyone who wants to chat. And please keep us in touch with your plant related problems and successes so we can help you or, better still, celebrate with you.